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Search Men When a man is scared of his feelings

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When a man is scared of his feelings

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Do you have a soft spot for a certain guy? It would save an awful lot of time and angst if, when we liked someone, we all had the guts to just stride up to them and tell.

Take the time to consider whether these things apply to your situation. Knowing what they mean can help you decide what to do. It will be quite different to how he acts with other female friends or colleagues.

For example, he may suddenly go very quiet or struggle to get his words. Or he might go in the opposite direction and talk very quickly and at great length to avoid awkward silences. Is he a good friend of yours?

Did you used to have an affectionate relationshipwith friendly hugs and other platonic physical contact? You catch him looking. Catching him brothel threesome at you is one of the simplest but biggest giveaways that there are feelings bubbling underneath the surface.

He is scared of revealing his feelings for you by maintaining eye contact. Guys will often do this by making some kind of jokey comment about hiz you or the two of you going on a dateā€¦.

If your reaction is encouraging, after doing this a few times he might eventually feel confident enough to ask you out or tell you how he feels.

He seems to get jealous. He is unable to keep his jealousy in checkas he is almost as scared fdelings you getting together with someone else as he is of his feelings.

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If everything about the way you interact is screaming at you that he likes you, he probably does. Engage with him, listen to him, make eye contact and smile.

Or, should you cut your losses, move on, and leave yourself open to finding someone who is ready to commit to you? Be kind ma yourselfand enjoy the rollercoaster!

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About Author Katie Uniacke Katie splits her time between writing and translation. She writes about travel and self-care and never stays in one place for too long.

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She spends her free time trail running, exploring and devouring vegan food. You are at: Katie Uniacke Katie splits her time between writing and translation.