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Dating a female personal trainer

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But what is it that really turns sweaty strength training sessions into steamy afternoon rendezvous? According to new research presented at the Society for Neuroscience in New Orleans, there may be a scientific explanation for your less-than-professional feelings peronal your trainer.

The study found that exercise causes your body to release the chemical hormone oxytocin, the same hormone released when you begin to fall in love.

Exercise also facilitates the release of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals that make you happy and relaxed.

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When a woman experiences these emotions, she often feels more inclined to accept sexual advances. In addition, exercise causes men to release chemicals from their armpits called pheromones.

The release ffemale pheromones can make a woman feel more dating a female personal trainer attracted to a man by changing her perception of his face and features.

Usually this leads to opening up about other, non- fitness -related aspects of your life as. A trainer can end up acting as a therapist, of sorts. They give you attention pennsylvania hookers make you feel attractive.

In some ways, they behave in the way you would want your ideal partner to. How to peesonal a personal trainer 9 Tips for finding the perfect personal trainer Dangerous fitness: Beware of bad personal trainers.

Photo credit: Could Kim Kardashian Have Lupus? View article.

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